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Completion Of One Word Substitution With Hindi Meaning

जैसा की आप सभी जानते हैं की One Word Substitution प्रत्येक परीक्षा में पूछे जाते हैं. लेकिन यहाँ हमने सिर्फ Important One Word Substitution लेकर आये हैं. जिसको पढने के बाद आप सभी परीक्षाओं के One Word Substitution के प्रश्नों को उत्तर दे सकते हैं

आप सभी की बेहतर सहायता के लिए हमने नीचे कुछ महत्वपूर्ण One Word Substitution की List बना दी है. जिनकी परीक्षा में आने की उम्मीद लगा सकते हैं क्यूंकि ये Previous Year के SSC के Exam में पूछे जा चुके हैं

Previous Year Asked One Word Substitution

  1. One who has become dependent on something or drugs – Addict / – (SO (Audit), 1997)
  2. Fear of being enclosed in small closed space – Claustrophobia / – – (SO (Audit), 1997)
  3. Call upon God or any other power (like law) for help or protection – Invocation / (SO (Audit), 1997)
  4. Severely abusive writing in journals – Scurrilous / (SO (Audit), 1997)
  5. A person who opposes war or use of military force – Pacifist / / (SO (Audit), 1997)
  6. One not concerned with right or wrong – Amoral / (SO (Audit), 1997)
  7. Something no longer in use –  Obsolete / (SO (Audit), 1997)
  8. Stealthily done (something done in a quiet and secret way in order to avoid being noticed) – Surreptitious / (SO (Audit), 1997)
  9. Words written on a tomb –  Epitaph / – (SO (Audit), 1997)
  10. A person with a long experience of any occupation –  Veteran / (SO (Audit), 1997)
  11. Something capable of being done –  Feasible / (SO (Audit), 2001)
  12. A person coming to a foreign land to settle there –  Immigrant / (SO (Audit), 2001)
  13. Anything which is no longer in use –  Obsolete / (SO (Audit), 2001)
  14. A person who is unable to pay debts –  Insolvent / (SO (Audit), 2001)
  15. Capable of being understood in either of two or more possible senses, and therefore not definite – Ambiguous / (SO (Audit), 2001)
  16. A short poem or speech addressed to the spectators after the conclusion of drama – Epilogue / (SO (Audit), 2001)
  17. Act of deceiving somebody in order to make money –  Fraud / (SO (Audit), 2001)
  18. Flat metal or Porcelain plate fixed on a wall as an ornament or memorial – Plaque / (SO (Audit), 2001)
  19. To cut something into two pieces – Sever / (SO (Audit), 2001)
  20. Succession of rulers belonging to one family – Dynasty / – (SO (Audit), 2001)
  21. To seize control of a vehicle in order to force it to go to a new destination or demand something – Hijack / (SO (Audit), 2003)
  22. Lasting only for a moment – Momentary / ण (SO (Audit), 2003)
  23. One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain –  Stoic / (SO (Audit), 2003)
  24. The practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food – Gastronomy / – (SO (Audit), 2


  1. Fear of height – Acrophobia (ऊंचाई से डरना)
  2. Fear of water –hydrophobia (पानी से डरना)
  3. Fear of public places. large or open places – Agoraphobia (public place से डर लगना)
  4. Fear of crowd -Demophobia (लोगों  से डर)
  5. Fear of women – Gynophobia(महिलाओं से डर)
  6. Fear of book – Bibliophobia (किताबों से डर)
  7. Fear of being confined in a particular place –Claustrophobia (बंद आस्थानों से डर)
  8. Fear of foreigners – Xenophobia (विदेशियों से डर)
  9. Fear of Depths – Bathophobia (गहराई से डर)
  10. Fear of Ugliness – Cacophobia (भद्देपन से डर)
  11. Fear of Beauty – Callophobia (सुन्दरता से डर)
  12. Fear of Colours – Chromophobia (रंगों से डर)
  13. Fear of Dogs – Cynophobia (कुत्तों से डर)
  14. Fear of fire – pyrophobia (आग से डर)
  15. Fear of trees – Dendrophobia (पेड़ों से डर)


  1. Killing of one’s father – Patricide (पिता की हत्या)
  2. Killing of one’s mother – Matricide (माता की हत्या)
  3. Killing of one’s parents – Parricide (माता-पिता की हत्या)
  4. Killing of one’s brother – Fratricide (भाई की हत्या)
  5. Killing of one’s sister – Sororicide (बहन की हत्या)
  6. Killing of one’s wife – Uxoricide (पत्नी की हत्या)
  7. Killing of one’s husband – Meriticide (पति की हत्या)
  8. Killing of one’s child – Filicide (अपने संतान की हत्या)
  9. Killing of infants – Infanticide (नवजात की हत्या)
  10. Killing of foets – Foeticide (भ्रूण की हत्या)
  11. Killing of a particular race of people –Genocide (विशेष जाति के लोगों की हत्या)
  12. Killing of a man – Homicide (मानव हत्या)
  13. Killing of a dog – Cannicide (कुत्ते की हत्या)
  14. Killing of a snake – Herpeticide (साँपों की हत्या)
  15. Killing of a king –Regicide (राजा की हत्या)


  1. Government by none – Anarchy (अराजकता)
  2. Government by the nobility – Aristocracy (श्रेष्ठ जनों के द्वारा राज्य शासन)
  3. Government by one man with absolute power -Autocracy (तानाशाही सशक)
  4. Government by officials responsible only to their chiefs – Bureaucracy (नौकरशाही)
  5. Government of the people by the people and for the people – Democracy (लोकतंत्र)
  6. Rule by old men – Gerontocracy (वृद्ध व्यक्तियों का शासन)
  7. Rule bye one woman or women – Gynocracy (महिलाओं का शासन)
  8. Government by a controlling group of people – Hierarchy (सामूहिक शासन)
  9. Rule by those in power due to their ability – Meritocracy (योग्यता के अनुसार शासन)
  10. Government by a crowd of people – Mobocracy (भीड़तंत्र)
  11. Government by a king – Monarchy ( राजा का शासन)
  12. Rule by one person – Monocracy (एक व्यक्ति का शासन)
  13. Government by a few people in power – Oligarchy (अल्प तंत्र)
  14. Government by rich men -Plutocracy (धनि व्यक्तिओं का शासन याधनिक तन्त्र)
  15. Government by many men – Polyarchy (बहुतंत्र)
  16. Rule by the military – Stratocracy (शैन्य शासन)
  17. Government which regards God as its head and is governed by priests/clergymen – Theocracy (पुरोहितों का शासन)


  1. One who treats heart diseases – Cardiologist (ह्रदय रोग विशेषज्ञ)
  2. One who treats female diseases – Gynaecologist (स्त्री रोग विशेषज्ञ)
  3. One who treats skin diseases – Dermatologist (चार्म रोगविशेषज्ञ)
  4. Doctor who treats eye diseases – Ophthalmologist (आंख का डॉक्टर)
  5. Dealer in optical goods – Optician (चश्में बेचने वाला या प्रकाशविज्ञानशास्री)
  6. Specialist in fitting spectacles – Optometrist (चश्में बनाने वाला)
  7. Doctors who treat children’s diseases- Paediatrician (बाल रोगविशेषज्ञ)
  8. One who treats illness of old people – Gerontologist ( बूढ़े व्यक्तियों का डॉक्टर)
  9. One who treats kidney diseases – Nephrologist (किडनी का डॉक्टर)
  10. One who treats diseases of the bones – Orthopedist (हड्डी रोगविशेषज्ञ
  11. One who studies the cause and development of diseases of the body – Pathologist (रोग जाँच करने वाला)
  12. One who treats mental diseases- Psychiatrist (मस्तिष्क रोगविशेषज्ञ)


  1. The science of sound – Acoustics (ध्वनि विज्ञान)
  2. The science of aviation – Aeronautics (एयरोनॉटिक्स)
  3. The study of man, esp.,of the evolution and customs of mankind – Anthropology (मनुष्य जाति का विज्ञान)
  4. The study of human antiquities – Archaeology (पुरातत्व विज्ञान)
  5. The science of heavenly bodies – Astronomy (खगोल विज्ञान)
  6. The science of travel in space – Astronautics (अन्तरिक्ष विज्ञान)
  7. The science of life and living things – Biology (जीव विज्ञान)
  8. The science of plants – Botany (वनस्पति विज्ञान)
  9. The art of making pottery – Ceramics (मिट्टी के पात्र)
  10. The science of colours –Chromatology (रंग विज्ञान)
  11. The study of statistics of births, deaths ,diseases, etc., of a community – Demography (जनसांख्यिकी)
  12. The art of effective speaking esp. in public – Elocution (प्रभाव पूर्ण बोलने की कला)
  13. The study of insects – Entomology (कीटविज्ञान)
  14. The science which deals with the variances of the human race – Ethnology (चरित्र विज्ञान)
  15. The science of the origin and history of words – Etymology (शब्द-व्युपत्ति)
  16. The study of coins or coinage – Numismatic ( सिक्कों का अध्यन)
  17. The study of birds – Ornithology (पक्षी विज्ञान)
  18. The study of mountains – Orology (पर्वतों का अध्यन)
  19. The study of ancient modes of writing – Paleography (प्राचीन शिलालेखों का अध्ययन)
  20. The art of elegant speech of writing – Rhetoric ( प्रभाव पूर्ण सब्दों का प्रयोग करना)
  21. The science of poisons – Toxicology (विषज्ञान)
  22. Using hypnosis – Hypnotherapy ( सम्मोहन विज्ञान)
  23. Using natural things – Naturopathy (प्राकृतिक विज्ञान)
  24. Using exercise,massage – Physiotherapy (बिजली द्वारा इलाज)


  1. A person having a craze for anything english – Anglomaniac (अंग्रजी के प्रति दीवानगी)
  2. A person having a craze for collecting books – Bibliomaniac (पुस्तकों का प्यार करनेवाला)
  3. A person having a sickly desire for alcohol – Dipsomaniac (शराब का लती)
  4. A person with an irresistible desire to steal – Kleptomaniac (चोरी करने की दीवानगी)
  5. A person with a false impression that he is great and powerful – Megalomaniac (सर्वशक्तिमान समझने की बीमारी)
  6. A person having an unreasonable interest in any particular living, one idea or area of thought – Monomaniac (किसी एक के प्रति दीवानगी)
  7. A person who has an irresistible desire to set fire – Pyromaniac (आग लगाने की दीवानगी)
  8. A person who believes that he is God – Theomaniac (स्वयं को भगवान समझने की बीमारी)
  9. A person having an excessive attachment to foreign thing – Xenomaniac (विदेशी सामान के प्रति दीवानगी)

Ible= Able to be

  • Inaudible – a sound that cannot be heard
  • Inaccessible – that cannot be easily approached
  • Incorrigible – incapable of being corrected
  • Irreparable – incapable of being repaired
  • Illegible – incapable of being read
  • Inevitable – incapable of being avoided
  • Impracticable – incapable of being practiced
  • Invincible – one, too strong to be overcome
  • Indelible – that cannot be erased
  • Indefatigable – one, who does not tire easily
  • Infallible – one, who is free from all mistakes and failures

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